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Mars: The Red Planet (DVD)

Probably the greatest Mars DVD resource currently on the market. Mars Planetary Video, Mars Spacecraft (past and future), Interactive Mars Map - Over 700 detailed maps with zoom in/out and panning, Mars Surface Video and Stills (2D & 3D - 3D glasses included), Mars Moons, Life on Mars, Art Gallery, + additional DVD-ROM Features...
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Mars - The red planet collection

All about the mission to Mars and what might be found there... Life? - Narrated by John Lithgow from The Third Rock From The Sun.
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The War of the Worlds (1953)

See also the radio play, the musical remake and the book.
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Mission to Mars
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Mars Attacks!
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2001: A Space Odyssey
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see the book
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The Right Stuff
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War Of The Worlds
by Orson Welles, Mercury Theatre On The Air
The (in)famous radio play that put the whole America "in motion"... It was this radio cast of H. G. Wells's story about an invasion from Mars at the dawn of mass media era in 1938 that created mass hysteria and panic never again repeated in history of USA. Whole broadcast is fraught with inventive and for that time horribly realistic radio special effects done by the legendary Orson Welles and his team.

See also the book, the musical remake and the movie.

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The War Of The Worlds - musical remake

A cult musical remake of the War Of The Worlds radio play featuring a breathtaking symphonic rock music (including the all-time masterpiece of sci-fi music The Eve Of The War). The vocal part with journalists is performed by the unforgettable Sir Richard Burton.

See also the radio play, the book and the movie.
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Mission To Mars
by Ennio Morricone
Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack
[Buy at Amazon]

Life on Mars?
by David Bowie
from the album "Hunky Dory"?
[Buy at Amazon]

Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
by David Bowie
[Buy at Amazon]

Space Oddity
by David Bowie
[Buy at Amazon]

Venus & Mars
by Paul McCartney
[Buy at Amazon]

Dark Side of The Moon
by Pink Floyd
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Nine Planets: Mars
The largest Solar system online encyclopedia - section Mars

Starport: Mars
Major space news site Space.com focuses on planet Mars

NASM: Planet Mars
US National Air and Space Museum on past and present Mars exploration

Planetscapes: Mars
Planetscapes.com introduces planet Mars

NASA's Observatorium: Mars
Fascinating facts and stories about Mars as told by NASA's scientists

NASA Mars Topic Tracker
Quickly find facts, photos and other information about NASA's Mars missions

NASA CME: Mars Today
Center for Mars Exploration at NASA tells us where Mars today is

New Scientist: Mars
Full archive of articles and stories published in the magazine

Mars Daily
Daily fresh news from mars...

Mars News
What's happening on and around the red planet

NASA: Mars Exploration Program
US space agency's flagship web page about the Mars Exploration Program

NASA Exploring Mars
NASA's magazine on Mars exploration

NASA Center for Mars Exploration
Mars missions, news, information, tools to analyze Mars data...

NASA: Missions to Mars
Past, present and future missions to Mars

Mars Global Surveyor (NASA)
Currently ongoing robotic mission to survey the planet Mars from orbit

Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera photos
Malin Space Science Systems's MOC photographs

Mars Pathfinder and Sojourner (NASA)
The official web page of one of the past decade's most successful and in public definitely most popular missions to Mars - first rover on the red planet

NASA: Mars Surveyor 2001
US space agency's next Mars mission

ESA: Marsexpress
European space agency's 2003 mission to Mars

NASDA: Space exploration
Japanese space agency NASDA describes its plans to explore space and the planet Mars

Cornell: Athena Mission to Mars
Cornell university's Mars exploration web presentation

The Daily Martian Weather Report
What's the weather on mars?

Mars Geoscience Navigator
The largest searchable database of (raw, unedited) images and other geological data from Mars missions

You can send your name to the surface of Mars, burned onto a compact disc, with the next NASA's landing mission

Arctic Research Station
Mars Society's experiment of living in mars-like environment

Model of a habitat, where first Mars explorers will have to live in

The Case for Mars
International Conference for the Exploration and Colonization of Mars (>book).

Scientific American: Bringing Mars to Life
The renown magazine discuses possibilities of colonizing Mars

Terraforming information pages
What is terraforming, where the word comes from...?

Astrobiology: Terraforming
SpaceRef.com's feature on astrobiology and terraforming

The RED, GREEN and BLUE Mars
The most popular scenario of terraforming planet Mars

The Darian Defrost Calendar
What Mars might look like in a few centuries time

Mars Project
What will life on terraformed Mars be like?

Tom Gunn's Planet Mars
Planet Mars from the futurist's perspective

Destination Mars: Mars Architecture
Architecture students of the National university of Singapore explore possible architectural solutions on the future human inhabited Mars

NASA Human Space Flight
Magazine on space flight and transportation

NASA: Warp drive... WHEN?
Most resourceful website on possible future propulsion systems for traveling through space - maintained by the NASA BPPP manager Marc G. Millis

NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project (BPPP)
NASA's initiative to explore new breakthrough propulsion technologies on the edge of today's science

The Artemis Project
Maybe we'll fly to Mars from ports on Moon...

Manned Mission to Mars
Innovative way to send people to Mars

MSSS: Life on Mars?
Malin Space Science Systems scientist discusses possibilities of finding biological life or its remains on Mars

FAS: Life on Mars?
Federation of American Scientists is also tracking the search for life on Mars

NASA: On the Question of the Mars Meteorite
NASA explains controversies and theories on the famous fossil microbe-like features bearing meteorite

Mars Meteorites
NASA's homepage of the Martian meteorites

Swapping Rocks
How on earth can a rock come from another planet to Earth just by itself?!

Meteorite Central
All about meteorites

Antarctic Search for Meteorites program

MSSS MGS MOC: Recent sources of liquid water on Mars surface
Malin Space Science Systems's Mars Global Surveyor camera takes photos indicating presence of liquid water on Mars surface

Science Magazine: Liquid Water on Mars
Collection of articles on this hot topic

The Canyons of Mars, from Silicone Dust Rivers?
An alternative to the water erosion canyons theory

Cydonia Imperative
An online effort to assess the potential alien artifacts on Mars

The Face on Mars
MSSS's scientific view of "the face" - from 1995

MOC Images of Cydonia - 1998
High resolution 1998 Mars Global Surveyor photographs of "the face" and other features in the Cydonia region

MOC Images of Cydonia - 2000
2000 Mars Global Surveyor photographs of Cydonia

Jim's personal view of anomalies
Find out about many, many other anomalies, that can - with a little imagination and lots of open-mindedness - be found on the Martian surface

Mars: A Virtual History of Discovery
From the earliest Mariner and Viking missions to present days

World Book: Mars - Exploring the Red Planet
World Book editors have compiled an immense collection of articles about the past, present and future Mars explorations

History of missions to Mars
NASA's summary of all missions (even Russian) since 1962

NASA: Past missions to Mars
Information about past US Mars missions

Viking mission to Mars
The famous 70's Viking 1 and Viking 2

NASA: Mars Climate Orbiter, Mars Polar Lander
MCO/MPL will definitely enter the history books as one of the least successful Mars exploration missions

Mars Observer
First in the series of past decade's embarrassing failures on Mars

National Aeronautics & Space Administration - US space agency

European Space Agency

National Space Development Agency of Japan

Russian space agency

The Mars Society
The largest association of Mars enthusiasts from allover the world

The Planetary Society
The main global association on planetary science and exploration - publisher of the Mars Underground Newspaper

Mars Direct
An initiative for manned Mars mission

Think Mars - The Business of Mars
"Dedicated to making human Mars exploration happen by overcoming the financial, managerial and political barriers that currently exist."

Space Frontier Foundation
An organization devoted to "opening the space frontier for human settling as soon as possible.

Mars Academy
A real academy, where students can learn about space mission planning

NSSDC Photo Gallery
Global views, surface features, controversial features, surface views, satellites...

Mars Team Online Photo Gallery
Mars, missions and the crucial moments captured in photography

Missions to Mars - image gallery
Photographs of different space exploration equipment and crafts

1996-1997 HST Images
Hubble Telescope images of Mars

The Case for Mars II illustrated
Illustrations of the famous human mars exploration concept

Mars Images
Mars, Phobos and Deimos

PDS Mars Explorer for the Armchair Astronaut
Visually Searchable image database

Kim Stanley Robinson
Author of the famous Red, Green and Blue Mars trilogy, winner of almost all the science fiction awards (Hugo Award, Nebula Award, Asimov Award, etc.)

The Silver Locusts
A web site, inspired by the famous Ray Bradbury novel The Silver Locusts (also published as The Martian Chronicles)

Red Planet
An upcoming movie about the first manned mission to Mars

Mission to Mars
Recent Touchstone Pictures movie

Mars Attacks!
A great movie parody on Martians

The astronomical art gallery of Don Dixon

Mars Exploration Drawings
Artwork by Carter Emmart

Space Art FTP
Simple but huge FTP gallery of various space art

Mars 3D Surface Screensaver
Real NASA Mars Global Surveyor data based 3D model of Mars surface, turned into a nifty screen saver

Mars Embassy
Don't forget the passport!

Destination Mars
Strange life form detected on Mars! Just what...em, who?! might it be??

Cats are from Mars!
Yeah, right! So is my girlfriend... :)

A Mars Valentine
More strange features on the surface... "The face" is just the beginning!

Martian Couch
It's a... couch!

Proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars!
Now, just what did Mars Pathfinder really find there...?!

Even you can help in Search for Extraterrestrial Life!

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TheMissionToMars.Com team

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Top 5 Mars related must-read books (nonfiction)

by Paul Raeburn, National Geographic

A magnificent voyage through the past, present and future of Mars exploration. More than hundred National Geographic quality photographs of the planet's surface (even stereoscopic 3D images - special 3D glasses included), many of them from the 1997 Pathfinder mission.
Buy at Amazon

The Case for Mars
by Robert Zubrin with Richard Wagner

The holly book of (our) Martian generation. The famous daring plan to explore and settle the planet Mars, conceived in the 90s by the astronomical as well as economical genius Robert Zubrin. How to get to Mars now, today, using present technologies and nowadays limited financing and resources. Foreword was written by another interplanetary legend Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

New York Times review
Buy at Amazon

MARS 2000
by World Spaceflight News

The ultimate multimedia source on Mars! 12,681 pages, 126 documents, 550 color images, 400 black and white illustrations, and 2400 drawings, schematics, tables and charts, a dozen exclusive reproductions of rare or out-of-print historic NASA documents, an exclusive 450-page catalog of every named feature on Mars...
Buy at Amazon

by John Noble Wilford

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer John Noble Wilford looks at the red planet from many different perspectives; history, myth, politics, high technology, future of man kind, etc., and discusses what it might bring into our everyday life in the near future.

New York Times review
Buy at Amazon

The Case for the Face
by Stanley V. McDaniel (Editor), Monica Rix Paxson (Editor)

In this book the evidence for alien artifacts on Mars is examined by renown scientists. Although our world is mainly populated with believers or disbelievers, there are also scientists. They are supposed to look at things with scientific approaches, drawing conclusions only on basis of hard evidence and logical thinking. So, what do they say about The Face?
Buy at Amazon

Selection of other best-selling Mars nonfiction

Mission To Mars
by Michael Collins
New York Times review
[Buy at Amazon]

Mars : The Nasa Mission Reports
by Robert Godwin
[Buy at Amazon]

The Monuments of Mars
by Richard C. Hoagland
[Buy at Amazon]

The Monkey & the Tetrahedron
by David M. Jinks
[Buy at Amazon]

Top 5 Mars related must-read books

The "RGB" trilogy:
Red Mars,
Green Mars,
Blue Mars
by Kim S. Robinsons

An epic story about exploration, terraforming and colonization of the planet Mars. Undoubtedly the first candidate for the all-times best and most popular fiction book about the red planet. Winner of the eminent sci-fi literature awards Hugo and Locus.

Buy at Amazon

Martian Tales
by Edgar R. Burroughs
E. R. Burroughs, father of legendary Tarzan, is also known for being unquestionably the most fruitful writer about the planet Mars.

Buy at Amazon

The War of the Worlds
by H. G. Wells
See also the radio play, the musical remake and the movie
[Buy at Amazon]

The Martian Chronicles
by Ray Bradbury
[Buy at Amazon]

by Carl Sagan
New York Times review
see the movie
[Buy at Amazon]

Selection of awarded Mars SF

Moving Mars
by Greg Bear
[Buy at Amazon]

Last Summer at Mars Hill
by Elizabeth Hand
[Buy at Amazon]

The Martian Child
by David Gerrold
(Hugo, Nebula, Locus)
[Buy at Amazon]

Selection of best-selling Mars fiction

The Road to Mars
by Eric Idle of Monty Python's Flying Circus
[Buy at Amazon]

AELITA Or The Decline of Mars
by Alexei Tolstoi
New York Times review
[Buy at Amazon]

The Martian Race
by Gregory Benford
[Buy at Amazon]

Martian Time-Slip
by Philip K. Dick
[Buy at Amazon]

Semper Mars
by Ian Douglas
[Buy at Amazon]

by Ben Bova
[Buy at Amazon]

The Martians
by Kim S. Robinson
[Buy at Amazon]

White Mars
by B.Aldiss, R.Penrosee
[Buy at Amazon]

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